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Hebrew U's new mass of papers sheds fresh light on co-founder Albert Einstein | The Times of Israel

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He was far more than just a celebrity of science and a genius who revolutionized our notions of time and space—which is why, more than any other scientist, he still fascinates and inspires people today. This is the Einstein Papers Project at Caltech, where Einstein was a visiting scientist for three winters.

The Einstein Papers Project is one of the most ambitious scholarly publishing endeavors in the history of science. The amount of archival material we are working with is titanic: our online archive contains about 90, records and even now, a team continues to travel around the world scouring through archives for new sources.

Albert Einstein's Archives

Therefore, we collect, transcribe, annotate, translate, and publish all of his writings. Since , when the first volume was released, we have published 15 volumes that cover his life and work chronologically so far, up to his 46th birthday. Stacking up all of our volumes makes a pile half my height. In , when the archive was cleared to be transported to Jerusalem, a batch of some manuscript pages filled with scribbled calculations was found behind a filing cabinet.

Now our job is to find out what exactly this huge pile of mostly undated, single sheets is about. But things like this are great—if not the best—evidence of the creative process behind his work.

Therefore they are of immense value for historians of science. I realized he was far more than a brilliant mind or a genius, for he played many roles in his life. He was a bumbling professor, a philosopher, a passionate sailor and pipe smoker; a poet, a man of great humor, a friend, a father, a husband and lover. Studying Einstein, his life, and his work helps us understand human brilliance and how revolutionary scientific ideas were shaped—some of the core questions within the history of science.

Was she an unsung contributor or even a co-author, a sounding board, the top fiddle, a glorified assistant, an unglorified housewife, the one who made it all possible? What does it even matter? Without the true story of what really happened—how these fundamental theories came about—we cannot fully understand their historical significance.

Einstein Letter Warns of German Anti-Semitism 10 Years Before Nazis' Rise to Power

Moreover, we cannot bestow credit where credit is due for these achievements, especially when we recognize how often the contributions of women scientists, especially the scientific spouses and partners of celebrated male scientists, are overlooked, forgotten, and even suppressed. Much has been written over the past decades in support of one or more of the above perspectives on Mileva Einstein-Maric, often with fervent certitude. But until the s, few people knew that he had two wives, the first of whom was trained in mathematics and physics.

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But it was his first wife, Mileva Einstein-Maric approximately pronounced Mar-itch , who accompanied and supported him intellectually and emotionally throughout the difficult early years of his rise from a beginning physics student in to the top of his profession by Little was known about her or his children with her — and there was little interest in finding out — until the discovery in of her correspondence with Einstein brought Mileva Einstein-Maric to widespread public attention.

The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers
The Einstein Papers The Einstein Papers

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