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A thorough consultation will leave the client feeling that they are in the hands of an expert who genuinely cares, is interested in them and has the knowledge required satisfying their requirements. The following steps are intended as a guide to conducting a thorough professional consultation:.

Consultations offer hairdressers much more than simply the opportunity to discover which style the client is hoping to achieve Knowing your client is the key to success. This can be achieved with the aid of good social skills and awareness combined with experience, initiative and expertise Please allow cookies To find out more about the cookies we use, visit our Cookie Policy page.

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Follow en. Find us on Pinterest. Find us on YouTube. Having worked at Fashion Week in New Zealand and here in Australia, his expertise in styling speaks for itself. However, his true talent lies within the colour world, with his soft and effortless style. He loves to inspire clients when it comes to achieving the look they love and helping create the vision they desire. Stephanie is both a colourist and stylist joining the Edwards And Co.

Her portfolio oozes creamy blondes, seamless colour melts and lush voluminous waves. Stephanie has strong passion colour corrections, bright blondes and extension applications, having a keen eye for detail a worth of knowledge and skills cementing her as an upcoming industry leader. He then travelled with Sony Music styling on tour and for music videos. Georgia burst into the industry 8 years ago beginning her career as a hair extension specialist plus make up artist.

Her career is full of incredible highlights such as working behind the scenes at Melbourne Fashion Week four times over.

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Her true passions include creating beautiful colour-work as well as extensions. Her inspirations stem from high fashion magazines, industry big names such as Emma Chen and her colleagues. A creative industry was always his chosen path, having a strong interest in the arts. Since joining the Edwards And Co movement Cenk has developed a strong client base in Sydney producing consistently excellent seamless colour-work.

Our Hair & Nail Team

Jarod is originally from Newcastle Australia, but made the move to Sydney to pursue a career in hairdressing. Jarods knowledge and passion for the industry ensures he is up to date with key trends within the industry, always seeking new inspiration to further his knowledge. His portfolio boasts natural lived in and seamless blends, finished with dream-like waves and textural cuts. With 13 years industry experience Travis joins our team with a worth of knowledge and skills.

Well travelled and worldly Travis has spent the last 8 years bringing sun kissed Australian blondes to the streets of London. Specialising in seamless colour melts and rich dimensional brunettes, which are always perfected. Taylor James Redman is a youthful, engaging hair stylist with a bright future in editorial, events and session styling. Trained by some of the industries most respected hairdressers, stylists and colourists she has acquired the ability to create beautiful hair through creativity, colour, precision cutting and knockout finishings.

Influenced by some of the industries most respected and talented hairdressers and colourists, his fascination with hair colouring and pushing the conventional envelope in hair cutting has been channelled into a successful hairdressing career spanning more than 20 years. An exceptionally talented and true artist, Kristina Russell has been at the pinnacle of hairdressing for more two decades. Her salon clientele is incredibly varied.

She absolutely loves the challenge of corrective colour and offers creative solutions to her transformation clients. Combining hair painting and precise foiling, Kristina creates dimension by colouring in shadows and texture. Her photographic work has been published in over 30 countries.

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Jaye Edwards. Edwards has cemented his spot at the forefront of the industry.

Mastering the messy hair look

More about Less about Jaye. Hayden Doherty. More about Less about Hayden. Joel Wallbank.

Jaye Edwards

More about Less about Joel. Charlie Gauci. More about Less about Charlie. Stephanie Whitaker. More about Less about Stephanie. James Plain. James originally hails from Perth, but moved to Sydney to begin a career in hairdressing, where he became Edwards And Co Founder and Head Colourist Jaye Edwards first assistant for two years. This allowed him to quickly develop a strong understanding for hair colour and cutting. During this time he completed additional training with master cutter Dario Cotroneo and shadowed colour specialist Sheree Knobel. Helping him develop a strong set of styling skills.

Making him the colourist of choice for many Australian models including Evelina Milward and Claudia Wilkinson. More about Less about James. Craig Walker. More about Less about Craig.

Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing Mastering Hairdressing
Mastering Hairdressing

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